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It’s Minus What Now?

5 Dec

It’s been hovering between -10 and -20 here for the last few days and I thought it about time to make a post about it; I’ve neglected Oulu in my posts for too long. I went for a bike ride yesterday (stupidly) to check out the lake and my eyelashes froze! I looked like I was about to perform in a wacky music video. I would not recommend doing this unless you are properly dressed – after five minutes both my hands and feet were numb and I was starting to get a bit worried. Even the bones in my forehead ached from the cold. That said, it’s very, very beautiful here at the moment.


I woke to this delightful piece on my window yesterday. This is on the inside by the way, not sure if that is entirely normal I must admit…

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe average hours of daylight is around four or five, which is making me want to turn into a bear and hibernate. I woke up early to go to the library, but couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, so here I am, not writing my essay…

The lake behind the university has frozen over entirely. Once I’ve acclimatised to the cold I would like to go back and take a better look around =)

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERABut for now I will retreat back to bed and try to finish the last essay of the semester… =)





Day Fifteen in Finland: Student Living

15 Sep

Things I love about my apartment block: the sauna upstairs. Things I hate: being halfway up the stairs and getting plunged into darkness.

The lights are timed and once you hit the switch they only stay on for a couple of minutes.Often there is someone close to the light switch who flicks it back on, but other times I have to carefully make my way to the top, keeping the light of the switch in view.

Aside from that, there are very few negative comments that I have about the place!

The Yliopistokatu apartments are right across from the university and are surrounded by trees and wide cycle paths. My apartment was refurbished 2002 – 2003 and it looks relatively nice on the outside and inside – clean floors, a working lift and a laundry room on the ground floor. The doorbells are a little odd, they are like the bells you find on reception desks that you ring to get someone’s attention. Often I can’t tell if it’s my bell that’s being rung or next door’s.

Inside the kitchen in very small, partially because I share with only one other person and partially because the lunches are so cheap on campus that everyone expects you to eat your main meal there. It’s roughly 2 euros 70 for a main meal, as much salad as you like, three slices of bread and a glass of milk/water/juice. The food’s not bad either. Very hearty and very warming, perfect for a cold day!

Above the sink we have a handy drying cupboard, which is like a washing up rack but it’s tucked away neatly so that the drying dishes don’t take up any extra space. The real downside is the lack of cupboard space, and I have to keep my food on a shelf in my wardrobe, but there’s a really big fridge-freezer which kind of makes up for that.

My bedroom is very large, much bigger than my own at home, and painted white, with a large window – presumably to combat the dark, cold, depressing winter days. The view is of trees and the local kindergarten. In the daytime I can hear the children laughing and playing, all wrapped up in their winter snow suits already.

Right around the corner there are three (yes three!) supermarkets, a pizza place, a post office and a craft/stationary homeware shop. I believe there is also a pharmacist. They speak English in the post office, so once you’re here you can go and ask for a form to register your address (apparently this is important if you want mail, but I’m not sure how true it is because I’ve received two letters already) and send some souvenirs home. I bought my nephew a ‘I heart Suomi’ bodysuit and a Moomin book and my sister a Moomin tin from the local supermarket.

About a fifteen minute walk away there are is also a Prisma, a hypermarket with everything from tvs to skis, another food place, a bank and a gas station.

Perfect location!

Update: I totally forgot to mention another perk of the place: you can do your laundry AND drying for free! All you need to buy is the detergent/fabric softener/whatever you choose to do your laundry with. No more waiting around for machines  either: you simply log onto to OmaPSOAS and book your washing machine and dryer. Brilliant!

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