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A Bird Drinks From A Frozen Lake

3 Feb

This morning’s bike ride, combined with the sun, blue skies and falling snow was a great way to start my day. It only lasted around an hour and I was lucky enough to catch this interesting combination of weather and some great photos.


snow falling on Kuivasjarvi


a bird drinks from a frozen lake


there’s nothing more beautiful than sunshine on snow



the snow looks like glitter in the sun

Hopefully the blue skies will appear more frequently!


One of the worst things about snow…

14 Jan

… is the lemon yellow colour that it goes when dogs have been nearby. Even worse if you’re following a common dog-walking route, where it’s splattered left, right and centre. It totally spoils the look of winter and  has made my morning walk very disappointing indeed.

Today was my first class, ‘Ireland: Poetry of a Nation’ with Mr John Braidwood – an excellent lecturer! He had us all laughing so much, as well as learning a great deal. Excellent start to my classes =)

Here are the promised pictures of the (nice white) snow:



Beautiful, but a little haunting don’t you think?

A Finnish Winter

12 Jan

It’s a beautiful day today – blue skies!



Hello Oulu!

12 Jan

I’m back in Oulu after a long break in the UK, and from blogging. Woops, lazy me! I got caught in a little bubble there and spent the last ten days soaking up as much time with my boyfriend as possible. Leaving him for five months was so hard!

Here’s a quick recap of my experience in Oulu and Finland so far:

  • Moving to Finland – something that I never thought I would do, and right up until my departure I wasn’t sure that I could do!
  • Cycling to Hailuoto Island – One of the longest and craziest bike journeys that I’ve participated in! It led to me making a lifelong friend and seeing one of the most beautiful places in Northern Finland.
  • Getting to Know The University – and the different customs, habits and procedures. I really like it here and feel very comfortable at the university. As an exchange student I’m also really grateful for the level of support that I’ve received here.
  • Study Trips – I’ve seen Oulanka and Norwegian and Finnish Lapland, and for free! Thanks to my department for arranging these!
  • Exploring the Capital – on two trips with two groups of friends, I fell in love with the city and had a blast walking its streets and visiting the museums.

Hope you all had a great New Year! Let’s see what 2013 brings =)

From autumn to winter

30 Dec

This is the same place outside my apartment, first in September then in November, what a huge difference! I’m not sure which I like best, what do you think?



Like a Real Explorer

5 Dec

I fear I may have overreacted to yesterday’s cold weather; I walked to the store today and didn’t die of exposure. It was a successful trip, which I actually rather enjoyed.

Here are some photos from the venture:



On the way back I was actually starting to feel too warm in my many layers!

56: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

26 Oct

So I haven’t got much to say about this week except that, as week’s go, it was bad. Perhaps my worst since I’ve been here in Oulu.

However, after a couple of days of watching Gilmore Girls, eating chocolate and generally being very soft on myself I was cheered up by the snow! It’s like it came just for me (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!)






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