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Finnish Treats

8 Feb


Good as both hot chocolate and milkshake


Salmiakki chocolate is delicious – much nicer than I expected!


Yummy Angry Birds lollipop – did you know that Angry Birds is Finnish?


Moomin flavoured tea, different from the tea that I’m used to at home1 My favourite is the blueberry muffin flavour



Moomin tea – ‘The best moment of the day!’



Finnish Food Mistakes

28 Sep

Two typical Finnish foods have been recommended to me this week and, sadly, they have not lived up to the yummy yummy pulla that I last sampled. 

Food numero yksi:

Salmiakki, aka salted licorice. Sounds odd, but worth a try. So I thought, anyway. The result: had to pick them out of my teeth in the middle of the street and throw them away. My tongue felt like a slug fizzing and shrivelling from salt. 

(By the way, on your first attempt don’t put two in your mouth in one go). 

Food numero kaksi:

Villi, aka goopy salty sour yoghurt something. I peeled back the lid to find a crust on top, not unlike that found on clotted cream. ‘Okay,’ I thought. ‘It smells bad, but if it resembles clotted cream in one way…’ 

Believe me, nothing else about it resembles clotted cream. It tastes a little like unwashed feet smell and it has a consistency of PVA glue, the kind you get given at school for art class.

I still cannot get the taste out of my mouth. Next time I will stick to foods in the bun-and-cake families. 

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