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The Monkey at Linnanmaa

25 Feb

On another bright, blue, beautiful day I took a walk around Linnanmaa and through Kaijonharju, and just look what I stumbled across.


A big old ape reading in the sun. Why is he there? How long has he been there? What is he reading? I wish I had the answers. I think he’s meant to be a marker for the local library, but many have come to know the apartment opposite him a ‘The Monkey House’. He made me smile, anyhow.

Some other pictures from my walk:




I just love the blue colour of the sky when it’s clear!



56: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

26 Oct

So I haven’t got much to say about this week except that, as week’s go, it was bad. Perhaps my worst since I’ve been here in Oulu.

However, after a couple of days of watching Gilmore Girls, eating chocolate and generally being very soft on myself I was cheered up by the snow! It’s like it came just for me (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!)






Another Beautiful Evening

15 Sep


It rained all day today, then around 4pm the sky cleared and it turned into a beautiful afternoon/evening. It’s been a quiet day today, I ventured to the gym and the store and spent the rest of the day in bed reading for my Finnish Literature class.

Things to note from today:

The Linnanmaa gym is very small, with only two exercise bikes and one rowing machine for cardio, the rest is weights.

Prisma is super busy on a Saturday! It’s made even harder to navigate by these weird little cars that are attached to the front of trolleys for kids to sit it. Cute, but a bit of a hazard at times.

Nothing else to report I’m afraid, maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

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