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21: This Week and Other Happenings

21 Sep

This week has flown by and I can hardly believe that it’s Friday already. I’m being worked hard here – many classes to attend this week and a whole heap of after class reading. I’m sad to say that I don’t have many interesting stories to recount from this week.

Things I’ve done:

– obtained my university library card and attended induction. It’s a very nice, light library with lots of seating and separate quiet and group study areas. It’s a bit confusing, but most libraries are, and the assistants are pretty helpful.

– ventured to the gym in the city centre (Rantakatu Sport House). Much better than the local gym, it has three gyms in one building, with a variety of cardio machines and a sauna. All for 1 euro with a sports pass. Only downside is getting to and from it in the winter.

– bought tickets for a hockey game on Saturday (my first!) which I’m quite excited about.

That’s all folks. Other than that I’ve been studying,  followed by more studying.

I also have a list of things I’ve learnt this week:

– look out for cyclists when crossing the pavement. Looking out for cyclists when at a junction whilst cycling. Generally, look out for cyclists, they’re everywhere and they move quick. Multiple near-takedowns this week because I’ve not been alert enough.

– my shoes are in no way waterproof and, thus, are completely inadequate. It’s rained alot this week. My skicoat, whilst dorky, has kept my upper half dry.

– classes start at quarter past the hour, not on the hour. So I need to stop turning up at ten to the hour and getting up unnecessarily early to do so.

I haven’t even taken many picture this week (I’m a big disappointment I know), but here are two that I did take, around 8.45am after my gym trip:

These are near the market square, right on the water’s edge. I caught the best of the day because not long after I got home it started raining, again. If the weather holds I may go out this afternoon and (hopefully) have something more interesting to say!

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