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Star Wars Meets Pepsi Max

9 Feb

Appauling use of Star Wars but still made me chuckle, and stop for a photo opportunity. Seen on the side of Finnkino whilst on my way to see ‘Hitchcock’ – great movie by the way!

‘Miss Farkku Suomi’ is also worth a watch, it’s about  boy growing up in Oulu in the 70s and his transformation from slightly geeky school boy to punk-rock artist, eyeliner and all. Interested? What the trailer here.



Even in Finland….

13 Jan

… kids still graffiti giant male members onto bus stops. In ice.

Seen on my way home from Finnkino with a Finnish friend, it was lovely to see her and catch up. We saw the move ‘Anna Karenina’ which was interesting – not what I expected and not sure how much I like it, but worth seeing nonetheless. The style was very different and quirky.

Other than that not much else has happened today, although I did go for a short walk (and forgot to take my nice new camera) and all the trees are white, and piles of snow lay everywhere. I must take a picture on the way to class tomorrow. My first class of the semester!

Better get off wordpress and get some beauty sleep =)


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