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Review: Eurohostel

14 Nov

Being the first hostel experience of mine I was slightly worried about this aspect of the journey. I’ve heard so many horror stories about hostels that I was really expecting this to be an awful experience.

It was 7.45 when we arrived at the Eurohostel, I was groggy from a lack of sleep and I just wanted to throw my stuff down and get a cup of coffee. It was pretty easy to get to the hostel from the train station – about a half hour walk, which was nice at sunrise.

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the hostel, finding a clean, large, well-lit reception area which was connected to a restaurant/lounge area. There was a row of telephones and lockers on one wall, and the other was home to a range of touristy leaflets and gifts. The menu for the restaurant looked kind of expensive for our budget and I just bought some rolls from the market square (which we really good!) instead.


Terrible picture but give me a break, I hadn’t really slept. That’s the main entrance and on the right is the restaurant. Behind me is the reception desk.

The girl at the desk looked of a similar age and was incredibly perky and welcoming, especially for that time of the morning. They had rooms for us already in the day (but if they hadn’t we could have locked our stuff up in the lockers easily) and she arranged a room for us for the second night too. They originally hadn’t had room but I asked out of interest and something had become available since our booking. My friend wasn’t sure that she wanted to stay there and whilst we were debating/arguing about this the girl intervened and said that she would reserve a room and if we didn’t want to stay we could let her know by the next morning and she would cancel it. I couldn’t imagine a hotel doing that!

Our room was huge and had a tv, a desk, two beds and a giant wardrobe – all for 23 €, towels included. Even the view was good for a hostel! I wish I had taken more pictures, because I really like this hostel.


View from the hostel

The bathroom was pretty clean, although it only had two toilets for a whole corridor it wasn’t busy whilst we were there so there wasn’t any waiting. The showers are a bit weird and a bit open – the doors are made of opaque glass which cover from your neck to your knees and have a nice big gap down the middle. I showered super early so no one else was around, but you can use your towel to cover it.

The second night we had a bigger room because two friends were joining us. It looked a little like this:

It was easy to get to town from the hostel – it was about a fifteen minute walk, past the port and through the market square. There was a k market just five minutes away too, for snacks and the suchlike. As it was 24 hour access we could come and go as we liked, so it was pretty much perfect. I slept great both nights, and will be heading back there for my next stopover in Helsinki (potentially all of my stopovers actually).

So, to conclude.


– Clean, spacious, comfortable and CHEAP (23€ per night with student discount)

– Within walking distance of a supermarket and the city centre

– Super friendly staff

– 24 hour access, so no lock out


– Slightly public showers

– Only two toilets per gender per floor

– Bit of a walk back from the bars etc in town

– Expensive food

Overall rating: 7.5/10



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