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Let’s Take a Look at Finnish Music

17 Jan

Time to promote some Finnish music, which is hardly known and largely under-appreciated.

Niillas Holmberg and Roope Mäenpää

The first artists are a folksy duo from Utsjoki and Tampere respectively. I first saw them at the ten year anniversary concert of the Sami Association in Oulu late last year and they blew my mind. They produced such soulful, beautiful music – it made one of my company cry. These talented guys have performed in various places around Finland and have created an excellent album – I think the best way to buy it is to enquire with them directly via MySpace or Facebook.

Here’s the video for ‘Muhto Don’:


This is Finnish reggae/ska at its finest. A great band who I stumbled upon, you can read about the experience here. In short I bumped into them at a bar, not knowing who they were, and they invited us to their gig – for free! They’re great guys and lots of fun to watch live!

Antti Tuisku

A pop idol winner this guy is your typical good looking, musically talented Finn. He’s a good, easy listen and I love his voice. This is one of my favourite songs of his.


A thrash metal band which formed in 1996 (can’t avoid metal music in Finland!) these guys are great to headbang too. Sporting long hair and beards they represent the core of Finnish metal (and about a third of the guys on campus!)

Listening to Finnish music is great when you’re learning the language because you get to hear it and practice your listening skills – put it on in the background and I bet you’ll pick things up without even realising. Once your Finnish improves it’s a great confidence booster to be able to recognise more and more words, try it!

Which is your favourite video?

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