About me

Hi, my name is Sara, and I’m on an Erasmus year in Oulu, Finland. Why, you ask?

I’ve often been faced with this question, and standard responses include ‘interesting culture’, ‘it’s a bit different’ and –  the one which gets the most laughs –  ‘I like snow’. After three months spent here I have realised that all three things are true, but I’ve discovered that it’s so much more! It’s quirky, quiet, beautiful, sociable and fun!

I didn’t know a lot about Finland when I chose it and it seems that most people know very little about the country.  I hope to open a window of insight into the country and encourage more people to study or visit here, this wonderful hidden gem of  country.

This is my university and this is what it’s like living here. This is the city centre and here and here you can find a little out about the adventures I’ve been on the rest of Finland and Norway. Feel free to ask me anything about my experience, whether you’re planning to visit or just interested in Finland!

email me: finlandandback@hotmail.co.uk

One Response to “About me”

  1. Sartenada April 14, 2018 at 11:37 am #

    I love Oulu and You have many gorgeous posts presenting Oulu. Thank You.

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