All the Right Friends

11 Dec

In the middle of my posting about Lapland I have to add in a few words for my dear friends in Oulu. Tonight I organised our Christmas party and it ran as smooth as a chocolate fountain – but has left me with a ball of sadness between my throat and my stomach at the prospect of saying goodbye. I never thought I could be so happy and so sad at the same time.

I have never had friends like this in England, never known such a mish mash of personalities and nationalities, and the best part is that we work together so well! I have had many great adventures with these guys and I will never forget the things I’ve learned with and from them – from how to eat in a Finnish cafeteria, to how to iceskate, to how to travel spend the best 24 hours in Helsinki (I will post about this trip later =))

People say that you will meet lifelong friends at university and up until now I had begun to grow skeptical. However, here in Oulu I have met my best friends and soulmates and shared more with them than I have with anyone in England. Many are leaving at the end of the semester and it will be the hardest goodbye I will ever have to say, but at the same time the prospect of visiting them all in the future makes me happy. I already have plans to experience a Polish Easter next year.

If you’re ever in doubt about taking a year abroad reconsider for the friends that you might miss out on. My life would never have been so good without them and will probably never be this good again.

Still, I guess there’s always next semester to find out =)



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