Norwegian Mountains

4 Dec

I thought it was strange that the sun only rising at 11.30am – and then I realised, from the darkening sky, that it was actually sunset!

We were on a narrow road in a big coach so we couldn’t stop for pictures, which is why these are blurry and not the best ever, but it was such a beautiful sight that I couldn’t resist trying to share just a little of the experience.



These were taken on the trip from Kautokeino to Karasjok, and I would recommend making the trip in winter – if your cars and tires are good! There were a couple of super steep slopes  and I have to give a huge kudos to the bus driver for keeping us on the road!



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    […] – and what I thought was a 11.30am sunrise turned out to be an 11.30am sunset! Pictures are here, it was a stunning […]

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