Helsinki By Morning

19 Nov

In every new place that I visit I aim to wake up around 7am and go for a walk – nowhere in particular, just exploring. I love mornings, and the fresh sense of adventure and possibility that they place on my heart. Something about mornings in a new city, you can’t beat it.

I underestimated how late the sun would rise in Helsinki so it was still dark when I left the hostel at 7am. It was windy and cold by the sea, but I waited patiently for the sun to rise on a bench next to the boats in the harbour. It came over all pink, red and purple and was worth the wait.

Next I headed into the city centre to check out the cathedral in the morning light, minus the tourists. It looked like it was standing guard over the Senate Square, solid and stoic, if a building can be so. I followed the road into town, passed by the occasional tram screeching along the tracks. The streets were almost entirely empty, save for a few people on their way to work or other tourists like me.

I walked rather aimlessly, like a child in a toy-store with my face turned up to wonder at the height and beauty of the architecture around me. Helsinki is a very beautiful and very clean city and I wasn’t worried about getting lost, because the layout is so square and neat that you are able to double back on your path easily.

I reached Robert’s Coffee just after eight and stepped in for a coffee and a croissant. I wrote my postcards and watched the city stumble out of bed and into its work clothes. It was a relaxing way to spend my morning.

My friends were supposed to arrive by train at 9am, but they were delayed, so I took the opportunity to visit the Moomin Shop and buy some souvenirs for my sisters. Okay, so it’s typical to see Moomin items everywhere in Finland, but there were a lot of really good things that I would have considered buying had I had the money. It’s worth a visit. It’s here if you’re interested.

I would recommend seeing Helsinki by the morning light, it’s very magical. It made the day feel a little long but it was worth getting up for =)

By 10.30am my friends arrived and we headed to the Finnish National Museum! I’ll post about this one later =)

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