Review: Kuningasidea

17 Nov

Kuningasidea are one of those electric bands where it doesn’t matter if you like the style of music, you’ll love them enough to be converted within minutes. Okay, so I don’t speak Finnish that well yet and I barely understood what I heard, but from the crowd’s reaction they were funny. Even without understanding the meaning of their words I found them to be incredibly likeable and talented. They transformed a dingy club filled with your average Friday-night regulars in teeny dresses and sky-high heels into a ska/punk/brass gig with a jumping, screaming and laughing audience.

Let me tell you how we ended up at the Apollo Live Club at 1am in a Friday night – a place where I least expected to be when I left the house at 6.30pm the previous night. We had just finished up at a Saami celebration concert (which I will cover in another post when I have a chance to get some extra facts about it) and we went to a bar for a drink. We sat outside and my Finnish friend kindly asked these guys if they could loan me a cigarette. We got chatting and it turned out that they were in a band and playing a gig that night. When we asked how much it was they replied with ‘Well, we can probably get you in for free’. Promptly our names were added to a list and voilà, we had plans for the night.

They were really friendly guys from Helsinki, two of a twelve part band who were just finishing up on a tour. They were just hanging out at a bar before the gig, like anybody else, enjoying a pint, a chat and a smoke outside. Their band name translates as ‘The King Idea’ in google, and it was a damn good idea to go and see them. They were wild and crazy and had the crowd jumping and clapping within minutes. I had so much fun that an hour passed before it felt like I had even blinked.

The singers were great and full of character, one running into the crowd and singing in people’s faces, wrapping the cord of the mic around his neck and clapping enthusiasticly to the beat. These guys had a lot of skill in the way that all twelve of them worked seamlessly together, but without being dull; each individual sound clicked into its own proper place. When they played you could tell that they really enjoyed what they were doing and for them it was all so much fun. Everything in the way that they sang and moved screamed this affirmation.

I was truly jealous – they seem to be living the life.

They’ve just released a debut album and if their live performance is anything to go by it’ll be worth buying. I plan to do so as soon as I’m awake in the morning. In the meantime you can here a couple of songs on Youtube: Ootsä messissä? feat. Paha-Nuutti and Prinsessa to start with.

They still have four more gigs to go so check them out on Facebook to see if you can get to any of them, it’ll be well worth it! Luckily I’m in Helsinki on the 8th December anyway so I will be heading to the gig on the 7th if all goes to plan.


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