In Leaps and Bounds

5 Nov

I have written little about my experience with the Finnish language, which is a shame because I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. Everybody says that Finnish is hard – I say that it is just different. Every language is hard when you first begin to speak it.

I have days when I think that I can’t speak it at all and that my vocabulary is so small (which it is, and I can never find the word that I need), but on others I am happy with my level of Finnish and feel as though I could speak Finnish to anybody (probably not true, actually).

But anyway, today I impressed myself today by automatically and effortlessly asking at the shop: ‘Onko tämä viisikymmentä senttiä?’ – Is this 50 cents? I was baffled that such a cute little Minnie Mouse purse could be so cheap and wanted to double check. It was, and I bought it =) Perfect for carrying my makeup to Helsinki and Tallin this weekend.

I also met with my Tandem partner again today – we meet every week or so and chat in a mixture of Finnish and English. It usually takes me an hour or so to prepare what I’ll say, but increasingly I’m using phrases and words that I know, rather than just reading from the script which I have written. Today I was talking about a mix up with classes and I even made a funny story in Finnish. I have also noticed a definite improvement in my listening skills; when I first started I understood perhaps one words in five sentences, now I am beginning to understand five words in one sentence. Next comes the part where I can understand the full meaning of the sentence ^^.

So, if you plan on moving to Finland and people ask: ‘Why do you want to go there? Isn’t Finnish really hard? How will you communicate?’ Just tell them that yes, it’s difficult to learn a new language, but once you get the hang of it it feels much, much easier.


3 Responses to “In Leaps and Bounds”

  1. Katariina Partala November 9, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    Onneksi olkoon for learning more and more Finnish :)!!

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