23: Ice Hockey and Marshmallow Pizza

23 Sep

Last night I went to my first ice hockey game. Overall impression: ice hockey is a violent game. But brilliant. Those guys have so much skill, it’s incredible! Flicking the puck from one end to the end while manoeuvring like they do is amazing to watch.

We began by cycling from Linnanmaa to the stadium, the five of us creaking along at high-speed on our rickety, pathetic bikes. We made it after a few bumps and busy crossings, thanks to my friend’s inbuilt GPS system. The stadium was really big and really crowded, and we had no idea where to head. We ended up right next to the rink, the only adults in a line of children, but the view was great and no one told us to move so we stayed.

What To Wear

I hadn’t been sure of what to wear, so I played it safe and layered up. An hour into the game I was glad to have worn my thermal leggings under my jeans! It was pretty cold by the ice, and I couldn’t feel my feet for most of the game. My advice – wool socks, plenty of layers that can be removed if necessary and a scarf for added comfort.

The game began with the two teams skating out, accompanied by some cheerleaders and sparklers – it was an unexpected start, but interesting. The game was Karpat (Oulu) vs Tappara (Tampere). Here’s a link to my friend’s video of the opening. Right from the word go the crowd was yelling, thumping their feet and chanting songs. The hockey players didn’t leave any time to warm up either; as soon as they were playing the violence, taunting, shouting and shoving began. Hockey was much messier than I had imagined! 

I didn’t really have an idea of what was going on, but the game was fast-paced and interesting to watch. During one of the breaks we grabbed some popcorn and coke and edged back through the crowd for the second half.

Sadly it ended rather quickly with a 3-1 defeat for Oulu, but it was a great experience! Afterwards we cycled into town for pizza and ended up at the ‘Golden Rax Pizzabuffet’ where we found this little delight:

                                                                                                                  Marshmallow pizza!

I was dismayed to find out that the Finns put odd things on their pizza (for example prawns) but this more than made up for it. One of the girls described it as ‘dessert pizza’. MMMM.

One word of advice though, unless you’re absolutely desperate, don’t use the toilet at this place, they stink. The most foul toilets ever.

To brighten up the mood after that, here is a picture of last night’s sunset.

  And a view over the water this morning.


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