Information for Exchange Students

13 Sep

There are a few things that I’ve learnt in my barely two weeks spent here that may come in handy for future exchange students, or at least set some anxious minds at rest.

First, don’t worry about maps. You’ll have two waiting for you – one of the city centre, one of the campus. When you sign your lease you’ll get another city map,  which you can use to get to the tourist information where you can pick up as many as you like =)

If you plan on walking rather than taking the bus don’t, unless you love walking so much that you don’t mind monotonous, straight, long roads and you have a lot of extra time to kill. It’s so spread out here that you’ll thank yourself when you get a bike. Make it a cheap one too, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Don’t worry about what you’ll do about getting a phone or sim card; one of those will be waiting for you on your desk, with some top up time on it already. You might need to unlock your phone first though, as I did with mine.

If you’re worried about getting the bus to the airport, this is what you need to say:

‘yliopistolle, kittos’

Which means ‘to the university please’. If you’re unsure of pronunciation, click here

To get the bus to the city centre say ‘keskustaan, kiitos’. ‘Keskuta’ means city centre, and if you’re cycling/walking there you’ll need to follow these signs.

The lightest milk is the lowest fat, the darker it gets the more fat there is.

Attend Vulcanalia (the first and biggest party of the year) by all means, but don’t rely on the Waterbus to get you home (or there, unless you’re early and get the first couple!) Stay on it if you want to have a good time, and make sure you have a way to get home. You can’t take alcohol into the venue so stay outside with everyone else and drink. We went inside and it was so quite, plus drinks were pricey – 4 euros for a half pint of cider!

Bring waterproof shoes and a coat, you’ll need them both almost right away, or be prepared to go shopping for some soon.

I’ll make a static page for these tips and keep updating as I go =)


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