The Sauna

12 Sep

I have found my new favourite thing. The sauna.

As a Brit, and a shy one at that, the thought of sitting in a very warm box with naked people is a very uncomfortable one. So uncomfortable to me that I never even considered being naked myself; it’s swimsuit sauna-ing all the way for me.

But it’s something that I can’t not do while I’m here, so when my house-mate invited me to join her I said ‘sure, count me in!’ and donned my costume and flip flops.

The sauna is so popular here that you can find one almost everywhere. Our university even has one on site – lunch time sauna perhaps? I’m lucky enough that mine is only five floors up, so I can wander up in flip flops and jogging bottoms.

I was expecting a very small, very crowded sauna, but instead we walked into a large, clean changing area with a beautiful view of the university and city. The sun was just setting and the multicoloured sky was unhampered by tall buildings. On the horizon I could see wind turbines turning slowly in the evening wind. And no one else was around.

My house mate, without a single hesitation, got undressed and sauntered into the sauna, getting comfortable on the bench. She didn’t seem bothered at all about her nakedness! I, on the other hand, was much more hesitant and kept my costume on at all times. It’s also very hard to hold conversation when you’re not quite sure where to look.

After I relaxed I found the experience very calming; it was peaceful and through the glass door I could look at the soft light coming in through the window. In between sessions you can shower and sit on one of the many benches, or just admire the view. And once you’re done, just take the elevator back to your floor. I feel both relaxed and invigorated, which I didn’t think possible. A perfect way to end my day…


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